A sensor fusion smart camera for better deep cleaning standards.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, one thing has become clear: consumers want to know what areas are sanitized and deep cleaned, and companies are desperate for a way to provide that peace of mind to their customers. PSL got to work in the Summer of 2020 on this problem as a part of the joint innovation studio with Fortive. After validating initial technology and market hypotheses, PSL teamed up with the perfect person, Brian Monnin, as founder and CEO. Brian's background with his previous hardware startup, Play Impossible, gave him a rich understanding of how to bring a hardware technology product to market. Brian worked with PSL to recruit their initial team and develop QUIVR AI's Smart Fusion Camera, a disinfection detection solution using computer vision point-cloud to mesh technology. QUIVR AI's technology enables their customers to answer the question "how do you really know?" whether the cleaning products and new processes businesses are using are done properly and effectively.

John Pella (CTO), Brian Monnin (CEO), Quentin Dewolf (VP Hardware Engineering)
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