Our Investment in Inspo

Today, Seattle startup Inspo announced its first venture round, and we're pleased to share more about why we here at PSL Ventures are so excited to be investors.

Inspo enables the world’s best content creators -- think ‘Mini Oprahs’ -- to inspire their audiences through original, premium video experiences. We are absolutely elated to lead the company’s seed round as our very first investment.

Here’s how it works: Inspo has nationally-recognized influencers in the lifestyle category (starting with home, food, fitness, and DIY) on its network. These influencers have large, highly-engaged audiences across a variety of platforms. Inspo connects creators with brands to build immersive brand-enhancing video experiences to promote its products with ease, certainty, and scale. It’s a custom TV show, conceived and executed to uniquely and simultaneously serve the consumer, brand, and creator.

Pete and Heather Christothoulou, along with team members Thomas Dawson and John Hilton, founded Inspo in 2017.  In their first year they’ve managed to produce more than 2,000 original, television-quality shows reaching more than 120 million loyal viewers.

Pete and Heather are uniquely suited to deeply understand and scale this opportunity. Heather is a nationally-recognized author and creator who was struggling to keep up with the brand engagement requests she was receiving. She wanted to stay focused on what mattered most to her -- her content and audience connection. The idea for Inspo sprung from this frustration that she and her peers experienced. Pete is a veteran technology executive whom we’ve known and admired for years from his days as co-founder and CEO of Marchex.

As investors, we’re compelled by the flywheel of aligned incentives that Inspo creates. Creators can produce high-quality content for their audiences and make a great living doing it. Freelance videographers and editors have more opportunities to practice their craft and work with great talent. Brands finally have a scalable channel to promote their products in this new media era of media, where people consume content from a long tail of distributed creators.

Inspo serves a massive need for the world’s leading creators, as well as for consumer brands who want to reach tuned-in buyers at scale. Video is the fastest growing digital media format and the preferred way for today’s modern storytellers to reach and engage their followers, yet it’s extremely difficult for a creator to do well. Inspo changes that. We're excited to support these incredible founders as they work to empower the storytellers that, in turn, inspire us every day.

You can check out their website at http://insponetwork.com.