Peter Denton

Peter Denton

Peter Denton is a digital marketer with 15 years experience in marketing and product management. He is responsible for validating new ideas at PSL and driving growth strategies for portfolio companies.

Before PSL, Peter was the VP of Marketing for Steller, a mobile publishing app, named as one of the Best Apps of 2014 by Apple. At Steller, Denton was responsible for driving growth through comprehensive digital marketing strategies and strategic partnerships, during which Steller’s user base grew to millions of customers.

Peter has spent his entire career launching products and companies at their nascent stage. He built one of the world’s first interactive touch screen maps, started one of the first sentiment analysis engines based on social data and is obsessed with using advancements in technology to re-define industries. His brings this passion to PSL where he is focused on the transformation of marketing into a data-science initiative.

Peter attended the University of Washington where he studied English with a minor in Journalism. He lives in Seattle with his wife Kelly and his two children, Abraham and Ellis.

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