Our investment in Far Homes, simplifying the process of buying and selling homes abroad

The rise of remote work has shifted how people decide where to live and work across the globe. With growing freedom to work from anywhere, there is now a literal world of opportunity for people to live in a location that suits their personal lifestyle. Many people are taking advantage of this change by moving abroad permanently, or part-time. On top of this, home prices in the U.S. have grown to astronomical heights over the last five years, driving many potential home-buyers to more affordable geographies to purchase a home. 

While there is increasing demand for homes abroad, buyers face a number of barriers to making a purchase. There are few if any resources for learning the basics of the buying process, figuring out what homes are listed for sale, and connecting with experienced agents and lawyers for purchase and closing. In most cases, it’s not like the U.S. where we have great search platforms to start our buying journey like Redfin or Zillow. People need something better.

Far Homes (www.farhomes.com) aims to fill those gaps and simplify the process, making it easier to find, buy, manage, and sell a property internationally. Their online listings portal aggregates inventory, giving sellers more exposure, while helping buyers find a home they love. English and Spanish-speaking concierges guide buyers through the process and match them with local, vetted real estate agents. And for buyers who don’t plan to live in their homes full-time, a network of property management partners can make owning and renting easier.

Today Far Homes announced that we, PSL Ventures, led their $2.25 million investment round. Other notable investors include Glenn Kelman, CEO of Redfin, and Evan Moore, co-founder of DoorDash and former VP of Product at Opendoor, along with additional Redfin executives. 

We chose to invest in Far Homes just after they incorporated the company. As with many PSL Ventures investments, our excitement came primarily from a deep trust and excitement about the founding team. The founders are a group of talented real estate tech veterans. CEO Chet Kittleson, along with co-founders Molly Braeunig and Max Blumen, were instrumental in building and scaling Redfin. They built marketplaces and services that help home buyers and sellers in the U.S. that they are now bringing to the international market. 

Aside from knowing this all-star team during their time at Redfin, our team here at PSL has worked closely with Chet in previous ventures. PSL Ventures Managing Director Ben Gilbert co-founded Red Ride with Chet at a Startup Weekend event nearly 10 years ago. To bring things full circle, Ben now represents PSL Ventures on the board of Far Homes. Greg Gottesman worked with Chet as a board member of Startup Weekend when Chet worked in business development. Julie Sandler has met with Chet about several startup ideas over the last decade, helping to vet and evaluate them. Chet and his co-founders are learning machines, and some of the scrappiest entrepreneurs you’ll ever meet. We are so excited to be working with them and supporting Far Homes on their journey.