Welcome PSL's newest Managing Director, Vivek Ladsariya

We are thrilled to welcome PSL’s newest Managing Director, Vivek Ladsariya!

Our mission is to be the best partners to entrepreneurs who want to start and build category-defining technology companies. Vivek has embodied that his entire career. His experience as a multi-time successful founder and investor in companies such as Databricks, Evolv, Osaro, and Rescale makes him a dream partner for founders here in the Pacific Northwest.

But it takes so much more than skills and experience to be a valuable partner. Vivek is deeply passionate about building companies. He has built a reputation for being always-available to founders. Most importantly, his warm nature and collaborative style make him an absolute joy to work with (and frankly to even just be around). We all already feel like we’ve known and worked with him forever.

Vivek is joining us from SineWave Ventures where he was a General Partner focused on leading investments across deeply technical investment themes including AI, cybersecurity, infrastructure, industrial tech, and DevOps. He recently moved from the Bay Area to Seattle — a move that highlights his perception of the depth of entrepreneurial energy in the Pacific Northwest. His rich network and unique perspectives will help cement the bridge between the two regions.

As our newest Managing Director, Vivek will play a pivotal role in leading external pre-seed and seed investments out of PSL Ventures’ $100 million Fund II, actively investing in new Pacific Northwest technology companies. The majority of the fund’s portfolio consists of companies where PSL Ventures led an initial round within weeks of company formation, and roughly half of all PSL investments are AI-enabled software companies.

We are so excited to have Vivek on the team, but even more so for our community of founders and builders to meet him!