The voice-driven workflow platform for industry

The manufacturing floor is one of the world’s most essential value-creators. But the job of managing the complex workflows and knowledge required to keep plants up and running is painfully slow and inefficient — frontline industrial teams are just “getting by” with software not designed for them.

Through our joint innovation studio with Fortive, PSL dug into the problem with co-founders Bruce Kaufman and Emory Sullivan in the fall of 2020.  After hundreds of hours of customer discovery, countless design iterations, and a powerful voice recognition application (trained for the industrial environment), we brought to market an elegant solution.  Workers and plant managers thought so too.  GE Power and several others have already adopted Genba.  Our voice-driven work order solution allows technicians to accurately speak their way through jobs and eliminate traditional paperwork.  Plants will run more efficiently and voice-enabled workers will never have to touch a computer again.