Smart Insights, powered by machine learning, to help you master your Amazon presence.

Bobby Figueroa is one of the world’s leading experts about how massive brands can effectively advertise and sell online. Having led global operations for Amazon’s fast-growing advertising platform, where over 50% of online product searches now start, he was perfectly-positioned to start the next great platform company for brands to reach their customers. When Bobby met with PSL about partnering on his idea to build a new generation of Intelligent Insights platform for ecommerce, powered by ML, it had a great match with an internal project for a digital marketing company. He quickly dove in with the PSL team to develop product direction, bring on early customers, and raise a seed round from PSL's investor network. He is joined by CTO Norman Shi, who spent time at Google and Yahoo! working with Bobby in building large scale digital advertising platforms. Norman has extensive experience Big Data and ML systems. They most recently were joined by Jay Sampson, CRO for, who is bringing decades of experience in partnerships with many of the largest global brands and agencies for digital advertising and marketing clouds platforms.

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