Teletherapy for teens and young adults

The United States is facing a heartbreaking mental health crisis, particularly among teenagers and young adults. After learning about the overwhelming need for mental health care for youth while volunteering with Seattle area nonprofits, PSL Entrepreneur in Residence Josh Herst turned his attention to this important issue. And shortly after PSL introduced Josh to Joon co-founder and Chief Psychologist, Dr. Amy Mezulis, the company was serving their first clients. Josh's business, product and operating experience combined with Amy's almost two decades of clinical and research experience focused on adolescent mental health make Joon's founding team uniquely well positioned to take on this mission. Joon is the world’s first teletherapy platform designed exclusively for teens and young adults ages 13-24. Joon delivers a new model for mental health care that integrates the benefits of live one-on-one therapy sessions with a mobile app-based experience. Joon’s clinical team uses an evidence-based, skills-focused approach that is personalized for each individual client.