The emergency savings benefit.

Devin Miller and Bassam Saliba have spent their years as fintech leaders before the term was even coined. They have partnered together on multiple venture-backed startups including Balance Financial (acquired by TaxACT), Finsphere (acquired by VISA) and Avado (acquired by WebMD). In 2020, Devin and Bassam turned their sights on a new fintech concept, the emergency savings account (ESA), and partnered with PSL to validate the concept, identify and land early customers, design the product, and take it from an idea to a real company. The result is Secure, a platform that enables employers to offer ESAs to their employees as a benefit. The sad reality is that 40% of U.S. workers cannot afford an unplanned $400 expense, and financial-related stress costs employers billions of dollars each year.  Secure solves these problems by making it easy to offer ESAs to employees, amidst a time where access to emergency savings has never been more important.